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Teaching Jobs

The following are open positions.

For questions or to apply, contact us at

Male Student

ELA Teacher

SALARY: $50-55K

BENEFITS: Health & Tuition

LOCATION: Metro Boston Area

REQUIRED: Bachelor's Degree in English. Psychology, Sociology, Education or related field.

Teacher in Classroom

Special Education Teacher

SALARY: $60-65K


LOCATION: Metro Boston Area

REQUIRED: Special Education Licensure

Girl with Flute Teacher

Science Teacher

SALARY: $65-70K

BENEFITS: Health & Tuition

LOCATION: Metro Boston Area

REQUIRED: Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, Math, Geology,  Education or related field.

Teacher and Pupil

About Us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Teacher Leadership Network is a community of professional educators committed to opening and maintaining a dialogue about how to support and educate teachers in the 21st century so that the next generation will be prepared to make this world a better place. We are also dedicated to advocating for teacher professionalism and for fair and safe working conditions. Founded by educators for educators, we support effective and innovative teaching models, value identity and integrity and promote equity, diversity and a healthy work/life balance for educators at all levels.

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What we do

TLN actively engages its members in collegial, professional and pluralistic discourses to facilitate and enrich the professional and personal ethos of our network. Through seminars, workshops, lectures, forums, courses, publications and other mediums, we provide a bottom-up, community-centered and cooperative organization, focused on thoughtful, practical and reflective habits of mind. We advocate for local, state, and national change in schools that support equitable, effective and grounded teaching and learning without excessive government corporate intrusion. And, we petition and articulate for the significantly increasing public investment in public education K-College in The United States and seek the dissolution of unfunded government mandates in public schools. 

We come together to discuss, share and solve our commonly held education problems, questions and share our achievements. We meet in person and online for seminars, group discussions, panel discussions and workshops. We have held events focused on: teacher burnout, problematic student behavior, curriculum development, high-stakes testing, holistic assessment, teacher licensure, standards-based instruction, competency-based grading, gender and racial bias in schools, safe and healthy working conditions, effective instructional strategies, material selection, education technology, mindfulness, the organization of schools, school culture and leadership development. The group's primary goal is to support our members through strengthening our connections, sharing our resources, passing along advice and making new connections.

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Our Core Values

Our Core Values

  1. Building  community

  2. Sharing a diversity of ideas, philosophies and practices

  3. Promoting equity, acceptance and diversity

  4. Protecting and reclaiming teacher autonomy

  5. Healthy work/life balance

  6. Fostering a openness, curiosity and mindfulness

  7. Reimagining education for the future

  8. Asserting our professionalism

  9. Collaborative action

  10. Cooperative discourse

Our Goals

Working Towards a Brighter Future

  • Build a community of professional educators. 

  • Develop a collaborative dialogue among educators that benefits students and teachers.

  • Establish relationships among educators that advance their individual professional interests. 

  • Build an exclusive centralized repository of teacher resources. 

  • Influence local, state and federal policymakers to adequately fund public education, reduce unfunded mandates and encourage teacher autonomy.

  • Publish members research and teaching resources. 

  • Sponsor a podcast.

  • Partner with organizations offering quality Professional Development for educators. 

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